Sunday, June 17, 2018

Here Comes the Bride...

Finally the day we have been waiting for - the wedding!

I had breakfast at the hotel with Terry and Marilyn. It is another cool, gloomy day and I have made two changes to what to wear to the outdoor wedding. I ended up with black pants and a light jacket with a shawl over it. We hung out, rested and then took an Uber with the cousins to Wattles Mansion where the wedding will be held.

The place is wonderful. An old style mansion set on a hillside overlooking Hollywood. It is all terraced with beautiful lawns and flowers. Originally a private home, it is now a state park and closed to the public today. On the front lawn lots of games are set up and the younger guests are throwing frisbees and tossing bean bags and even a small plastic pool with fishing rods for the tiniest guests. We found seats with a good view. Inside the house are several rooms where we sit and wait for the ceremony to begin. There are dozens of framed family photos and candles on display. So much fun to explore.

Mike and Claire Rubin, Barbara's parents

Cousins: Barbara Rubin Alpert, Marily Glazer, Terry Glazer Sachsel, Jeff Glazer

There are several levels in the garden with the kuppah (wedding canopy) at a high level. Everything is beautiful with colorful flowers and a bottle of water on each seat. Finally it is time and the procession begins.

Barbara & Howard, parents of the bride
Susan & Tommy with the groom, Andy

Adorable ring bearers

Emily, sister of the bride

After the ceremony we had a cocktail hour and then were seated for dinner outside. They served a deli buffet with all favorite foods of the bride and groom. Different and delicious. Later there was a hora and dancing and scrumptious desserts from a favorite Jewish bakery. A delightful and creative celebration.

We went back to the hotel for our last night in California. In the morning we took an Uber to the airport which took about an hour and a half. We arrived in Savannah after 11:00 pm.

Saturday, June 16, 2018

La La Land

A day in Hollywood...

Woke to our first gloomy day since we arrived. Where is the sun? The locals call it June gloom!

We walked down the street to eat breakfast at Vivian's. Today we had blueberry pancakes and they were delicious and huge! Neither of us could finish. We sat inside since it was chilly. Came back to find the bridal party checking in. At 11:00 we all met to board a Starline tour of the Hollywood Star Homes. Oh yes, we are tourists and it was fun. We drove up to Mulholland Drive and saw the same areas we had driven through on our way to the hotel. This time we had a guide who pointed out interesting sights and views were great. Jeff made friends with the guide's Yorkie puppy.

View of LA from Mulholland Drive

The Bride, Dori

Lots of celebrities live up here in the hills and some magnificent homes and the Hollywood sign.

This house was destroyed in a Die Hard movie

Cantilevered houses in earthquake country

The only house we could see well belonged to Gwen Stefani. Drove down to Beverly Hills and saw older, stately mansions.

Peter Falk

Bob Hope

Lucille Ball

Some of the owners were Peter Falk, Bob Hope and Lucille Ball, all next door neighbors. Saw the gates to the Playboy mansion

Think this was Michael Jackson's home

A Gaudi inspired home

Looked up the street where Tom Cruise lives. Ended up on Rodeo Drive where we cruised the expensive shopping district.

Two famous clubs

Then onto Sunset Boulevard and drove past Grauman's Chinese Theatre and the Dolby Center where the Academy Award ceremonies are held. The Hollywood Walk of stars stretches along the street for two miles.

Passed this beautiful church and the Hollywood Bowl and back to our hotel.

Our hotel is owned by the son of actress Beverly Garland who had originally owned it. Her portrait hangs in the lobby and I may be the only guest who recognized her.

Jeff had lunch poolside and now we are sitting on couches in the courtyard. Soon we’ll get dressed for the cocktail party.

It is a cool evening and the party is held outside at a small, lush park that is part of the hotel grounds. We spent most of the time seated around a long fire pit that gave us warmth. Cousins Marilyn and Terry have arrived and we get to visit with them as well as some of the women who we had met at dinner two nights ago. The party is hosted by Andy's parents.

Afterwards we went out to dinner with the cousins and Barbara and Howard, parents of the bride. Barbara is Jeff's second cousin. Her dad and his dad were first cousins who were very close to each other. The hotel suggested The Granville in Studio City and we got a large Uber that we could all fit into. The restaurant had a great menu and good food and service.It was very dark and we had to use flashlights to read the menu.

Friday, June 15, 2018

Hey Little Cobra

Today was a car day and, yes, we saw a Cobra or two. We awoke to another sunny day and walked a few blocks here in Studio City passing the Los Angeles River which is not impressive. Have seen many car chases in movies filmed on the concrete banks.

We ate breakfast at Vivian's which was recommended by two ladies we met at the hotel. It did not disappoint. It is owned by two groovy guys and one is married to Leah Remini from The King of Queens. Hubby is Angelo and he was there sitting near us on the patio. Place is cute and food was good.

We Ubered to LA and visited the Petersen Automotive Museum.

The owner is a publisher of auto and gun magazines. Place is amazing with three floors of cars and a basement (vault.) Jeff’s favorite was a Porsche racing car painted orange and white. I liked the display of cars from the movies. Saw Batman's motorcyle

Back to the Future DeLorean

Jerry Lewis drove this one in The Patsy

and Thelma and Louise's car among others.

There were old cars and new cars
 8 track tape player
Model A

An exhibit of Japanese vehicles was interesting including a three wheeled car with one headlight.

Cars for junior racers

Maserati display

Race car with a sail

We took a guided tour of the vault and spent 75 minutes seeing awesome autos. It started with vintage cars and I liked a Mercer, made in Trenton, Mercer County, NJ. Lots of old Rolls Royce's including one owned by Fred Astaire. Other celebrity cars were owned by Steve McQueen, Jack Nicholson, Clark Gable, Katherine Hepburn and Isadora Duncan. Even a Mercedes owned by several dictators including Idi Amin and ending with Sadat. There were race cars and dragsters and it was so interesting.

We had lunch in the pleasant restaurant at the museum and then walked across the street to La Brea tar pits. On the way we passed the LA Museum of Art. They had an interesting installation of street lamps outside.

Interesting cacti had designs imprinted on the leaves

Saw these impressive buildings on our walk

Spent just a few minutes at the tar pits

 An unidentified bird

 Ubered home passing the Hollywood Walk of Stars and the Hollywood Bowl. Got to see the Magic Castle, but unable to get invited for dinner and a show.

I sat at the pool for a while and fell asleep after drinking a pina colada. Back at the room we both napped until 7:30 Then we had dinner at the restaurant on the premises. Very nice place and so California. Outdoor seating on couches and a trendy menu. Food and service were good and fast and now we are hanging out in the lobby.