Thursday, May 24, 2007

Home, Sweet Home?

I have officially made the switch. I now live in South Carolina. I changed my "Home" settings in my cell phone, GPS, Accuweather, and a bunch of other places. It was a really strange feeling.

Judy will be down after Carol's son Jon's graduation from Delaware on Saturday. Then it will be official. (No - we still haven't sold the house in Yardley, but that's another story!)

I came down with Ziggy in the RV (which we call IRV). We had been living in IRV for the past 2 weeks in our driveway in Yardley. I decided to have IRV serviced, so I headed over to the dealer. Ah, the best laid plans. I had been watching TV and forgotten to put down the antenna! I understand that this is something that happens at least once to every RVer. Anyway, I made it about a mile when there was a tremendous crash from the roof. The antenna had snagged an overhead wire and was now hanging above the road.

All praises to Media Camping Center! They not only replaced the antenna that day (luckily I had not damaged the roof), but also did all the service I had planned on. We were back in the driveway that night.

So here we are. I am working with some contractors. Judy will be here in a few days. Then we will transfer our car registrations, get South Carolina drivers' licenses and register to vote (remember that SC has a VERY important early primary). The it will be truly official. We will be South Carolina citizens.

Wanna buy a house in Yardley? Great price!