Sunday, February 18, 2018

Kissin' Cousins

Sunday morning we are on the move again heading north to The Villages. This unique community north of Orlando and south of Ocala has about 100,000 people and they are still building. Jeff's cousin's Terry and Marilyn rent here every winter and we enjoy visiting.

We had a quiet evening eating dinner at home which was most welcome after eating out most of the week. Staying up late to catch up on family news and reminisce was fun.

In the morning we went on a car tour to see the newest areas under construction. A new recreational center had a lovely nature boardwalk and I got to see some wildlife.

We had lunch at Toojay's Deli which is always a treat for us since there is not a deli at home. They have a good bakery too. Later we took a nice nap and then met up again for dinner. Eating is a big activity for the Glazers and eating ribs is especially good. We went to a hole in the wall place with ribs and chicken for me. Then back to the house for dessert and more visiting. Sadly this was our last night and Tuesday morning we got back in the car and headed home. Sirius was so excited to see us when we picked him up at his "camp." Now I am unpacked, laundry done, and ready for bed.

Friday, February 16, 2018

Miami Beach Rumba

Yes, this is an actual song title from 1946.

We drove south from Boca Raton in heavy traffic on I-95. Our first stop was to visit Jeff's paternal grandparents at Mount Sinai Cemetery in Opa-Locka, just west of Miami Beach. Then we headed east to see our friends Judee and Albert in Sunny Isles which is on the beach near 158th street. The area is dense with tall hotels and apartment buildings. A 50 story Ritz Carlton is going up across the street from their building. They are on the 15th floor with a terrific view and a nude beach across the street. A great location between the Atlantic Ocean and Intra Coastal Waterway.

We popped into bathing suits and walked across the street to the beach.

Friday night we were invited to Shabbat dinner at my cousin Eleanor's house. It was an incredible evening as we ate outside with 30 or more guests. Food and conversation was wonderful. Here we are in our dress up clothes posing in front of a mirror. On the way we drove past the Miami Boat Show and saw incredible yachts on display.

Saturday morning was another gorgeous day and there was a kite festival that we watched from the balcony.

Judee and I took a four mile walk which made my Fitbit very happy with over 15,000 steps that day.

Beautiful sunset looking south.

We walked to a local pier and had a delicious dinner and then took a ride north to see more tall buildings being built. Most impressive is the Porsche tower where multi million dollar condos have three car garages and plunge pools. Cars are brought up on three inside elevators.

Thursday, February 15, 2018


Cupid draw back your bow....

It is Valentine's week and we are in Florida. We left home on Monday morning and drove seven hours, plus stops. Arriving in Boca Raton we are staying with Jeff's brother Rick and Elaine.

First night some of their “Trenton” friends stopped over and then we all went to the Mizner Center to Juniors for dinner. This famous Brooklyn restaurant recently opened here. I ordered split pea soup and have to say that my version is better. Theirs was vegetarian and very thick with no flavor. Jeff did enjoy his brisket sandwich and sitting outside on a beautiful night was lovely.

Tuesday was a glorious day at the beach. Elaine and Rick took me to Boca Raton public beach where we soaked up some sun and I got in a nice walk. The water was too cold and rough to swim and there was a warning about Portuguese Men of War. Afterwards we met Jeff at a restaurant called Whale's Rib where we had Rock Shrimp. Never had these sweet shrimp before and they are peel and eat, with a very hard shell. Worth the effort. Also had fried oysters with homemade potato chips.

Wednesday we spent the day with our Yardley friends driving a few minutes north to Delray Beach to see Judi and Fred. First stop was the Lochahatchee nature walk. I love this place where boardwalks let you walk out over lagoons with hundreds of nesting birds. This year there were Wood  Storks, Anhingas and Cattle Egrets. Also Tri Colored Herons and a Purple Gallinule.

We saw the largest alligator I can ever remember and more 🦅 birds. Only one nest had Anhinga chicks and most birds were busy building nests. Should be lots of babies in a few weeks.

Afterwards we all met Phyllis and Jordan for lunch at Three G's, a highly touted deli. The girls did a little clothes shopping after we ate and then we had quite an experience grocery shopping at The Boys. This place has quite a reputation and it is well deserved. The food, produce and bakery were well stocked, but the customers have a bad reputation. Walking the narrow aisles is life threatening. People are so rude and knock into you with their carts. Crowded corners have gridlock and you just stand there and wait. Jeff got claustrophobic and waited in the car. I persevered and got some things that are not available in South Carolina.

We went back to rest before Valentine’s dinner. That afternoon turned very sad as there was a horrific shooting at a Broward County High School about a half hour from us in Parkland. As we watched the news it took the fun out of our sails. There are no words to describe the sadness we feel for these families and all the kids who went through this terrible ordeal.

Recouping we headed out to Dada, a recommended restaurant. It was a perfect romantic place for today. We sat outside and the four of us got to talk and eat some interesting food. Jeff and I had a trendy fish called Paiche. It comes from the Amazon and is cut thick, but still light and flaky. For dessert I had a creme brûlée cheesecake. Very yummy!

Thursday we slept late and then Elaine, Rick and I went to Morikami Gardens.

I have been wanting to go there for years and finally made it. The lovely Japanese gardens and water features are delightful and perfect for strolling. Lots of koi in the ponds, turtles, egrets and iguanas.

Azaleas in bloom, milkweed, bamboo and perfectly raked gardens. A very pretty place and a small museum explaining the history of Japanese pineapple growers in Florida and how this sanctuary came about.

After lunch at a big place called Henry's, Elaine and I went to a kosher supermarket. It was an amazing place with so many products including meats, produce, bakery and “grab and go” dinners and soups. I had a few items on my list and got everything I needed.

Now we really needed a nap. We stayed in for dinner and got ready to leave early for Miami Beach.