Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Old Friends


Today Carol and I set off for Vermont while Jeff went to Glens Falls to go grocery shopping. We took the Fort Ticonderoga Ferry to Shoreham, VT, and drove east to Killington. We were visiting Carol's dear friend, Sima, who was at her vacation home on the mountain. The two gals taught together in Cambridge, Mass starting in 1969 and were glad to have a chance to reconnect.We went to lunch at a  local brewery where we got to see them bottle the beer and package it all with automation. Sima's dad joined us and is a terrific 97 year old with lots of vitality and a great conversationalist. After lunch we toured the quaint town of Woodstock, VT, and then started the drive back to the campground.We caught the last ferry back to NY and met Jeff for dinner in Schroon. Now we are resting and getting ready for the work week leading into the 4th of July week which should be busy.
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Tuesday, June 26, 2012



Passing through Long Lake on our way home from the Adirondack Museum. Many years ago our son, Brian, went to Long Lake Camp where he enjoyed a summer of theatre, music and crafts on this beautiful lake. The town symbol is the black bear and the bottom photo is the main corner of town. There are three ice cream stands, a general store and a diner. More interesting shops are tucked in around the area. Brian - hope this brings back happy memories and I understand the camp is thriving.
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Rag Doll


My sister Carol has come to visit! She arrived Monday night and is staying with us in the RV. Today it is rainy, but that can't dampen our spirits as we take off for a day of fun. Carol and I drive west and pass through the metropolis of Newcomb. We saw the bison farm and miles and miles of trees with a few houses thrown in every so often. We finally got to the cafe where Jeff and I ate last week and had breakfast. After that we continued to the town of Blue Mountain Lake and the Adirondack Museum. You're driving in the middle of nowhere and all of a sudden there is the museum with about 50 cars in the parking lot and where did they all come from??? It is a great place on a rainy day even though there are several buildings on the grounds to visit. We enjoyed the art museum with pictures by the artist Tait and his Adirondack scenes. The transportation building has a private rail car that brought wealthy New Yorkers to their vacation homes and hotels, and also sleds, carriages and old motor cars. There's an old schoolhouse and a display on children's summer camps. Truly a jewel in this wilderness and a great gift shop also. The top photo is Carol standing by an old snow plow. Carol and me on a deck overlooking Blue Mountain Lake. After a lovely lunch in their cafe we took turns sitting in the big Adirondack chair and feeling like Edith Ann. Remember her?
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Monday, June 18, 2012

What's New Pussycat?

The top photo is a clever objecte d'arte made from circular bales of hay. Such a cute kitty. We were driving north and finally got to Burlington where we visited an old printing friend and toured his shop. Then we headed downtown to see their pedestrian mall. The city was very smart as they built a three story shopping center right downtown and the adjacent street is cobblestones and full of small shops and restaurants. They had a parade of teddy bears, each sponsored by a local group or business. We were very impressed with Burlington and especially the beautiful campus of the University of Vermont. We finally started the drive home and had a shock when we arrived at the Burlington Ferry. We had missed the last boat! So, we drove south retracing our earlier route and stopped for some good Italian food along the way. Finally got to the new Champlain Bridge and crossed to New York. Drove through some cute little towns, got on the Northway heading south and home.

Bridge Over Troubled Water


Near the tiny town of Shoreham we found an old covered railroad bridge. We had to drive down an unpaved road and then walk down a wooded path to reach the bridge. It was really neat and in very good shape with a new roof. Hard to believe a train ever ran through here. The area has beautiful dairy farms and green, lush fields planted with crops. Beautiful home sites sit on hilltops overlooking Lake Champlain. Up the road a bit we stopped at Dakin Farm where we sampled jams, jellies and goodies made from maple. We bought pancake mix and real maple syrup and can't wait to have a hearty breakfast.
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Ferry Cross the Mersey


Today we are on an adventure! We took the Fort Ticonderoga Ferry from NY across Lake Champlain to Shoreham, Vermont. The ferry takes about seven minutes and is one of the oldest ferries in the US, in continuous operation since 1788. Upon arrival we headed south to have lunch at the Wheel Inn where the food and service were good.
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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Motion of the Ocean

Today was terrific with about 20 families in the campground. Jeff got up early and was the referee at paintball at 8 am. I drove the wagon ride with Yogi aboard and later drove the train for three rides to accommodate everyone who wanted to go. In between Jeff called Bingo and I supervised crafts. We had a fun activity where the kids gave their dads new hairdos. They where given shaving cream and massaged it into dad's hair, face and even legs. We also had twisted pizza eating where the pizza was topped with mac and cheese. After dinner I did two tuck-ins with Yogi. We go to the campsite with milk and cookies and I read a bedtime story to the kids. The children tonight were so adorable and it is so much fun to watch their delight in having Yogi visit.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Little GTO


A day off to relax and have fun. The sun is shining so we went to the pool, swam and soaked up some sun. Later I practiced driving the wagon and posed with Ranger Smith. We had dinner at Flanagan's in Schroon Lake and then enjoyed ice cream cones while walking around the lake. A perfect evening.
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Monday, June 11, 2012

Under the Boardwalk

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Spent the day in the tiny town of Schroon Lake. First we had lunch at Pitkin's Restaurant where the food and service are very good. Jeff declared the french fries and chocolate cream pie some of the best ever. We found the post office and sent some mail and then headed to the beach. We had the place to ourselves except for one lively Golden Retriever named Riley and her parents. She would walk into the shallow water and lie down, walk out and shake and then roll in the sand.We laughed and laughed at her antics.Reminded us of our beloved Muffy, also a Golden who was a funny, funny dog.

Saturday, June 09, 2012

Dueling Banjos


Hillbilly weekend was all freckles and flannel. Jeff poses with his bear friends while I meet up with a hillbilly guest with authentic West Virginia teeth. Jeff and I sewed flannel patches on our jeans and made freckles for our cheeks. Jeff waves while driving the Yogi train and a guest takes his turn at toilet seat throwing. That was one of our contests and the winning throw was 115 feet.  We also had root beer burping and bubble gum blowing. The day ended with a chili cookoff.
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Wednesday, June 06, 2012



Heading down to the old city and the magnificent Notre Dame Cathedral. A statue honoring patriots and the narrow pedestrian streets. We had a delightful lunch al fresco under the blue umbrellas and then strolled up the Rue Jacques Cartier. Passed through Montreal's Chinatown on the way back to our hotel.
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Summer in the City


Neat street art, a fountain with a multi-color government building. Yoga ladies doing down dog in front of a statue of Poseidon's wife. An authentic metro station which was a gift from Paris with art deco iron work. Another street sculpture.
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