Sunday, November 29, 2020


 I took this photo last winter on a nature tour on the golf course.

Sunday, November 22, 2020

Bird is the Word

Thursday was a gorgeous day and Sirius and I took a long walk. We saw these wood storks near the Hidden Cypress golf course.

The boardwalk looked so pretty in the sunlight.

And a little fall color in the trees

Sirius had a bath and grooming and looks so handsome in his bandana.

This live oak tree showing off Spanish Moss.

In the afternoon I had a meeting in Riverbend and these turkeys were resting alongside the road.

So lucky to see the eagle's nest every time we go in or out of our street. I caught one of them in the nest.

Another walk with Sirius on a different route. We walked on another boardwalk and saw bald cypress trees and the golf cart bridge in the distance.

A cute little guy with yellow streaks.

On Saturday we went to Fish Haul Beach with Lynn, Neal and their dog Maggie. The weather was perfect and people were in the ocean swimming. Lots of dogs and Sirius was well behaved.

Pelicans fishing

A lazy Sunday and a real treat as a beautiful Osprey was fishing in our lagoon.

Wednesday, November 18, 2020


This is all about birds. The title is a song by Neil Diamond. A regular Monday with an OLLI class in the morning and Hebrew lesson in the late afternoon. In between Sirius and I walk and enjoy the beautiful weather. So many birds are coming to our backyard feeders.

Red-bellied Woodpecker

Female Cardinal

Downy Woodpecker

Black Capped Chickadee


Pine Warbler

Red-bellied Woodpecker

Pine Warbler

Yellow Rumped Warbler

Pine Warbler

Brown Thrasher

Tuesday was a busy day as I led a Nature Tour in the early morning and Sirius went to Sandy Paws for a bath and grooming. It was the coldest day we have had this season with weather in the low 40's. I mistakenly chose not to wear a winter coat and gloves. So I froze in my heavy sweatshirt and jeans while I drove the golf cart to the Okatie Golf Course. I arrived at 7:00 and had a fun time on the front nine holes of the course. We got close to many birds who were anxious to pose for photos. It did warm up a little and turned out to be a pleasant day.

Great White Egret

Cormorants in a tree

Little Blue Herons

Two Nuthatches in a tree

Wood Stork posing

Great Blue Heron

Fox Squirrel

Leaving after the tour I saw this Anhinga sitting on a bench. Funny!

Great Blue Heron

Juvenile Little Blue Heron

Driving home I saw these Pied Billed Grebes swimming in a large lagoon. They are the smallest ducks and so cute. They dive completely under the water to fish and then pop up and swim again.

A special treat were this pair of Ring Necked Ducks. I took a zillion photos and find them gorgeous. Notice the tri-colored  beak and bright yellow eyes. They also dive under the water to fish.

And almost home I saw one of our resident eagles in a tree near the nest.

Today was cold again, but sunny and clear. I had a class in the morning and then we had a picnic lunch at Lake Somerset with Jan and Harvey. Spent the rest of the day admiring our new toaster oven and hanging out.

Sunday, November 15, 2020

Blue Skies

Another week hunkered down and waiting for "45" to concede the election. Things seem a bit more hopeful and I am trying to remain calm. More doctor visits and lots of ZOOM meetings, lectures and classes. Sirius and I take lots of walks since the weather is cooler. We did get out for dinner on the porch of our friends Karen and Stuart. We picked up Chinese food and ate out of the containers with plastic forks. We are trying to be so careful.

Lots of birds at our backyard feeders.

Downy Woodpecker

Catbird with a black cap and a red spot under his tail

At the Riverbend dock this Great White Egret at low tide

A Great Blue Heron

And a Little Blue Heron

He got his feet and beak very muddy

And I saw him catch and eat three small snakes

Beautiful Brown Thrasher with yellow eyes

A young gator lounging on our lawn

Female Anhinga in the tree across the lagoon

An Osprey fishing in our lagoon

Anhinga drying his wings

Little Blue Heron across the lagoon

Sirius and I took a walk at Lake Somerset and saw this Great Blue Heron hiding in the brush.