Friday, June 12, 2020

Eve of Destruction

Another Friday and more days have gone by. It is now our 88th day hunkered down and staying as safe as possible.

Last week was uneventful for us except for the peaceful protests going on around the world. Watching TV is unbelievable and, hopefully, this time a tragedy will bring about change. It is good to see the young people take to the streets and reminds me of the Viet Nam War protests. Sadly, more people have now died from the Covid-19 virus then in that war and that is the second lead on most news shows. We also have torrential rains this week and it seems that the world is coming apart. I long for "normal" times, but with changes in society for the good of all and a vaccine for the virus.

Jeff is continuing his physical therapy for his arm and I am taking conversational Hebrew through a Hadassah online program. I find it harder to remember as I get older. I do remember lots of words from my Ulpan lessons years ago. I continue to walk and have some study groups and lots of ZOOM lectures. OLLI has started it summer series on ZOOM and I have a busy schedule lined up. Jeff taught a class this week on his passwords plan. We play games online with Brian and Rori and also our friends. We go to doctor visits and both have dental appointments coming up. Other than that we stay in except for the grocery store and some errands.

Jeff celebrated his 73rd birthday with a visit from friends. No one comes in the house and we meet in the driveway or a few folks we allow on our back screened porch.

I did early in person voting for the primary election. It was well run and good social distancing. Of course, I wore my mask. Better than going to the regular polls and fighting the crowds. Oh the privileges of being a senior. I am working to assure that everyone in South Carolina (and the US) can do an absentee ballot and avoid the polling places.

Not much going on in the backyard. This cormorant came to visit and everything is soaked and lush from the rains.