Sunday, March 29, 2020

I'm Okay

Saturday morning Jeff decided he better go to the ER about his arm. Luckily the X-ray showed no break. They gave him a sling for comfort, some exercises to strengthen the deep muscle injury, and advised to take Tylenol. We were more worried about his being in the ER. Luckily there are no Corona virus cases there. Those unfortunate folks have to make an appointment to be seen and go to another hospital for testing.

The day got very hot - 90 degrees in March! I walked with Sirius and then headed over to the nature trail by 11:00 before it was stifling. So many fallen trees left from Hurricane Matthew. I love the lichen growing on them.

I popped over to Walmart to buy some plants and bird seed and a few grocery items. I wore my latex gloves and my hands were soaking wet when I got back to the car. Those gloves are not meant for hot weather. We spent the rest of the day reading and watched TV in the evening. Our friends Judy & Sam came over to visit in their golf cart. We took chairs out in the driveway and they stayed in the cart so we were far apart. It is great to see your friends, but no hugs.

Today is Sunday, another scorcher with sunny skies. Sirius and I walked near the softball field and saw a few other walkers. I took him home and then headed out for my walk and some exercise. I chose to do my neighborhood and all the way out to the entrance gate that we use. Almost three miles which is good for me.

Spent the afternoon talking to friends and relatives on the phone and starting a new book. A nice nap in the afternoon felt great. After dinner we took a ride in the golf cart and Sirius got take a short walk to "do" his business.

Friday, March 27, 2020

Ode to Joy

Day 11 - Friday and the end of the week. Trying to stay busy and get exercise. Hard to not watch TV and be consumed by the news. My title is Beethoven. Saw a flash mob concert playing it and was fantastic. Lots of time to watch videos and read newspapers online. Read a great book yesterday and need to start another.

Thursday was another gorgeous weather day. Sirius and I walked in the morning and then I took a long walk to Hidden Cypress in the afternoon.

It is sorta spooky seeing everything closed and only a few walkers and bicycle riders outside.

The dog park with no dogs playing.

The softball field is usually busy with games and practices for many leagues, men, women and coed. And the wildly popular grilled hot dog day.

No one throwing horseshoes.

Pickleball is closed and just when two new courts were added.

I finally reached the boardwalk through the woods. It is so pretty here. Note this is not the nature trail.

The gator was still under the boardwalk. Her babies were playing nearby. They may stay with her up to two years. They are cute when little with their yellow stripes.

Sitting the porch later I heard a loud splash. Turned out to be this osprey fishing. I took this photo through the screen and even that small noise scared him off.

So now it is Friday night and pretty hot weather today. We got up late after staying up very late watching a TV series. Jeff took Sirius for a walk and came home bruised on his arm and leg. He tripped over a curb and Sirius and landed in the street. He say he is okay, but he should get checked. Too scary to think about going to the ER or an urgent care. We'll see how he is tomorrow.

In the afternoon I headed over to the nature trail to get some exercise. I used the golf cart which is a treat to drive getting fresh air and breezes.

This is a quiet stretch of the trail. 

A carpet of ferns on the forest floor.

Wild iris - a sign of spring.

The canals were dug when this land belonged to a paper company and used to drain water away from the tree roots.

On the drive home I saw this great blue heron. Then this gator zoomed towards him, but luckily there was no drama.

Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Eight Days a Week

Ninth Day and still going strong. Just seems like the week was endless and I have to make a mark on my calendar to know the day and date.

Yesterday was not memorable with regular walks and phone calls. We did have an uninvited visitor in our backyard. I believe this is a male who has come a courtin' our female gator. She is a bit smaller and has been swimming around more than usual.

At the edge of our yard.

A close up of the big guy.

Later in the day I passed the eagle nest while the parents were out hunting. The babies are large now, but won't develop the white head and tail for another year or so. They can fly into the branches, Have not seen them outside the nest area.

It rained overnight and is nice and sunny now. Sirius and I walked at Hidden Cypress and saw the momma alligator with a few babies lying below the boardwalk. I am convinced she  know that birds will not come there to steal her babies because of the gawking people.

Jeff just ventured out to Publix in search of rye bread and a few groceries.

Monday, March 23, 2020

Homeward Bound

Writing from my home during the Covid-19 Corona virus pandemic. This is quite a journey and I hope to get through it healthy and safely.

Jeff and I planned a fantastic trip to Viet Nam and Thailand leaving on February 10, 2020. As we read more and more about the virus in Wuhan and other Asian areas we got nervous and decided to cancel our trip. Our big concern was Jeff's cough and that he might get yanked off the plane in Seoul and put into quarantine. We were sad, but definitely made the right choice. So we took the month off, hung out with friends and watched the news as the things escalated.

Things were normal here and we went to visit cousins in Florida the end of February. I worked on educational meetings that were to be held at my house for the next three weeks. I had not returned to my part time job at Steinmart yet.

The beginning of March I started to fear being around too many people and was still off from work. I played Mah Jongg, went to meetings and had two meetings in my home.

The following week the news got scarier and my Hadassah group decided to cancel a fundraising event scheduled the next week. we were ahead of the curve and definitely forward thinking. I allowed the HVAC serviceman to come in, but cancelled the meetings that were to be held in my house. We did go to our Shabbat dinner group which turned out to be the last meal out for a while. I had my nails and hair done so I would be good for a month or so. Sunday, March 15 we played cards with three other couple and a few wore gloves and masks. Things were getting really serious now. We had done some important shopping purchasing hand sanitizer, gloves, paper towels and lots of canned goods, beans, rice and pasta. Toilet paper was nowhere to be found, but we have our usual supply.

I was scheduled to return to work on March 16 and I was torn as to whether I should call out or go. I decided to go and wear protective gloves. I arrived with Clorox wipes and cleaned my work area, phone, stapler and every surface. After 45 minutes the assistant manager noticed my gloves and said they could not be worn. So I left work, got gas, picked up some groceries and went home. Our calendar was completely clear and Steinmart closed the store on Wednesday along with most other businesses. Soon after Sun City closed all our buildings, then the pools and today all outside activities except for golf. Golfers must each ride in their own cart and not get near each other.

My days are busy sweeping the porch, cleaning the pantry, cooking and doing chores. I read, watch TV and do crossword puzzles. Spending lots of time on the computer and the telephone keeping in touch with friends. Every morning Sirius and I take a long walk. I usually walk on the nature trail in the afternoon. This is a wide raised boardwalk running through the woods .83 miles each way. It is shady, quiet and beautiful. You pass a few people and everyone keeps their distance.

On March 19, I celebrated my 70th birthday. My luncheon party was "postponed"and I was happy with friends and family calling and opening cards. On Saturday I attended virtual Shabbat services from our synagogue, Mickve Israel in Savannah. Rabbi Haas did a lovely job alone in the sanctuary and I sat on my screened back porch enjoying nature and spirituality.

Today I took two walks, attended an online course on Kabbalah, and have a long list of online things to do as well as books to read and TV shows to binge watch. I completed the 2020 census. Opened our bluebird box and found five eggs which makes me smile.

I am quite content at with home with Jeff and Sirius and too busy to be bored. So far we feel great and want to keep it that way. Carpe diem!