Monday, March 26, 2007

We're Back in the Saddle Again

Hi Friends,
The weather is getting warmer and a girl starts to think about hitting the road again. Today was an exciting one and not just because my 2007 Mah Jongg card arrived in the mail. Jeff and I received an e-mail telling us that we were hired as tail-gunners on an Alaskan RV Tour. Jeff already wrote with the details and we are really thrilled to have this opportunity.

We are having a busy couple of months. As Jeff told you we have purchased a home in South Carolina and in the process of selling our Yardley house. The movers are coming on April 30th and between now and then we have to finish packing and fly to Japan for a 15 day tour and visit with Brian. This trip is truly a highlight of my life and I am so happy to spend some time with Brian and see his home and his lifestyle so far away. We'll have a few weeks after Japan to settle in and then we are off on our Alaska expedition.

Check out the web site in Jeff's column and remember to check in often as we'll be posting all the adventures during our trek. We are feeling so lucky to have all these wonderful opportunities and happy to share them all with you our dear readers.

Happy Trails,


We got an e-mail from David Baxley this morning. "Who is David Baxley?" you might ask. He is the owner of Alaska RV Adventures. He offered us a job as tailgunners on a 50 day RV caravan to Alaska.

Let me explain some of those terms. An RV caravan is a group of RVs (in this case about 15) who travel the same itinerary as a group. Think of it as a wagon train. With this particular company, however, the RVs do not have to stay together.

There are typically 2 types of professionals that travel with the group. Trekmasters lead the way. They are responsible for making sure the arrangements are all made for campgrounds, tours, etc. Tailgunners (that's us) follow behind. We are the last to leave the campground in the morning and are not allowed to pass any member of the caravan. We make sure no one gets lost or breaks down. We help with minor mechanical repairs, medical problems (God forbid!), and anything else that the tour members need. It is a training position for trekmasters for future caravans. We get all of our gas and campgrounds paid for and we also receive a small stipend.

This caravan begins at Dawson Creek, BC on June 22 and ends at Prince George, BC after traveling 50 days in Alaska, British Columbia, and Yukon Territory. We are so excitied we can't even think straight right now. This adventure is what I was referring to in my last post when I said we had something "cool" in the works.

Oh - I forgot the best part - we can bring Ziggy with us! If you want to see more details, go to

I'm sure Judy will be posting this afternoon. I think she is even more excited than I am.

Saturday, March 24, 2007

South Carolina here we come!

Things have been really interesting since my last post. We put our house in PA up for sale. We are planning for the move. We have been running back and forth to South Carolina. Oh, did I mention we bought a new RV?

Well, new to us anyway. Our faithful Popeye was a 98 Sea Breeze, 31' long with no slideouts. Our new one - yet to be named - is a 2003 33' Winnebago Adventurer with 2 slides. It's sort of like moving from Motel 6 to a Hyatt. Not quite up to the Ritz Carlton, but pretty nice! We took it down to SC with a U-haul trailer in tow. At least we have furniture to sit on now. Since we had left my car down there on our last trip we had a car to use (and also picked up or golf cart while we were there!). Then we towed my car back north and completed yet another run on I-95.

The running back and forth is over. We have scheduled a moving date. On April 30 the movers are coming and we are on our way! Of course we are off to Japan for 2 weeks before that and just came back from a week in Mexico, but I meant the running back and forth up and down I-95.

OK - I lied. The running back and forth isn't over. Less than 2 weeks later we will be back up in Pennsylvania. We have several commitments and will be there through at least May 21. It will be weird, but if our house hasn't sold (God forbid!) we will probably stay in the RV in our own driveway! But then the running back and forth will be over.

Well, not quite. We have something really interesting in the works for this summer. It's very iffy, but very cool (literally) if it comes through.

More to come....