Monday, April 27, 2009

Nine Days and Counting...

It's April 27, and things are hopping. We are supposed to get HaRVey the RV back from the shop tomorrow. Except for one week it has been in the shop since the end of January. (Don't ask!) We believe that the gauge panel in the dashboard will actually be installed and working.

We still won't have had our windowshades repaired, and who knows what else, but HaRVey will be back and we will get to work packing up to leave.

All of our friends seem to want to make sure we are really leaving, so they are setting up dates for dinner and such before we go. Jan and Ray Mintz are actually throwing a party they are so excited we are leaving!

This will be a completely different experience from the past three summers. During those adventures we were traveling almost every day. This year we will be set up in one place for four months. This means a major difference in the way we pack and the way we will live. For instance, we are getting a screen room that attaches to HaRVey's awning and gives us mosquito-free (hopefully) living in the great outdoors. We will probably bring a small TV to set up outside as well as a couple of lounge chairs. (Hey - we're working here. We are entitled to some down time.) We are even bringing plants, a hammock chair, and maybe a bird feeder.

We will have cable TV, and we should (make that damn well will) have an Internet connection of one sort or another. Just in case I have my digital TV adapter hooked up to get the new signals from the antenna. All in all it should be a great summer.

I would rather not be away for four months. There is a lot of stuff we will miss in Sun City. But that is the commitment they needed, so we made it. Having said that, four months in the summer in Lake George is not exactly cruel and unusual punishment.

Here is the really exciting part for those of you who follow such things -- we will NOT BE POSTING on either Twitter or Facebook.

More to come....