Sunday, September 27, 2020

What a Day for a Day Dream...

Tonight is Kol Nidre, the night beginning the holiday of Yom Kippur, the holiest day of the Jewish year. On Rosh HaShanah the book of life is opened and on Yom Kippur it is sealed with your fate for the coming year. It is a time to ask forgiveness of those you may have hurt or offended.

When I wrote last we had a wonderful road trip. That night I was on a ZOOM with Hadassah and guest Senator Tim Kaine of Virginia. What a thoughtful, lovely man he is and I so enjoyed hearing him speaking informally. Wish he had been our vice president.

On Thursday I had Hebrew review session and the last time with our morah Or Adi. She is a shelicha and returning to Israel. I learned so much and found her to be an interesting teacher and person. Next I attended the Hadassah Savannah Installation of Officers on ZOOM. My friend and rebbitzen April Haas was installed with a co-president. Then I rushed off to ZOOM my weekly class on Afro American Studies. It is crazy to be so busy and never leave the house.

Friday morning Jeff and I took a Computer Club course on Google Photos. Then we dropped Sirius off at his salon to be groomed. We headed to the supermarket to shop and get flu shots. Then we unpacked the groceries at home and I went back to get Sirius. Another busy day. At night we finished watching the TV series "Dexter." Eight seasons - we liked it and kept us occupied.

Saturday was a lazy day and I decided to return to walking on the Nature Trail. Wearing a mask it seemed safe, although only half of the walkers were masked. 

We went to Lynn & Neal's porch for dinner after picking up pizzas. It is so wonderful to actually see people and have a decent conversation though our masks. They have a large, screened porch and we socially distance.

Today I slept really late and then spent a few hours doing genealogy. I returned to the Nature Trail to walk and got to see a few deer standing near the boardwalk.

As I was watching the deer it started to drizzle and I hurried back to my car.

Now we are going to have dinner and Jeff and I will go to Kol Nidre Services on our computer. Not the same as in person, but a good alternative while staying safe.

Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Blue Velvet

Monday afternoon I guided a nature tour on the Okatie Creek Golf Course. The tours had been on hiatus since March and this is the first week back. I led the group of 10 on the back nine holes. Jeff came along to drive me and the tour driver brought up the rear keeping everyone together on the cart paths. It was a good weather day, but we saw no wildlife and just a few birds. We did see one huge alligator sunning in a lawn. Luckily he was across a lagoon so we felt safe. Here I am showing off a bluebird box and giving a history of our community.

 The weather is getting cooler and it is pleasant to be outside. Tuesday morning Sirius had his annual physical and three year rabies shot. The vet's office is very careful and no human parents are allowed inside. Several parking spots have numbered signs with the office phone number. You call and a tech comes out to walk your pet to an exam room and take notes on any issues your want checked. Then the  veterinarian came out to discuss the visit and take my credit card. Finally the tech brought Sirius out with my card and receipt. And a few treats for a very good boy.

Today was a glorious, sunny day with a high of 79. We decided a road trip was in order and off we went. Jeff and I decided to visit Habersham, an isolated community on the way to Beaufort. You literally can't get there from anywhere, but you can driving down a narrow two lane road in the middle of nowhere. We were shocked to find several hundred drop dead gorgeous homes, townhouses and lots of new construction. The place was perfect for the Stepford wives with little pocket parks and shady lanes with overhanging live oak trees. We were shocked! There is a marketplace area near the entrance with several small restaurants and other shops. So cute!

This is a large park with walking trails and ponds.

Afterwards we hit a Burger King and I had my first Impossible Burger in months - yummy!!! We took our food to the waterfront in Port Royal and had a picnic in the car. Then I walked on the long boardwalk that is on the inlet overlooking Parris Island. There were several people there which was shocking as it is usually empty. Most were fishing or crabbing and it was high tide so all the oyster beds were submerged.

I talked to a nice guy who let me photograph him with his crab trap along with blue claw crabs that he had trapped and would cook for dinner.

Further down I saw two small cruise ships that are docked due to the quarantine. We have seen one of these before docked in Beaufort. They do an upscale cruise along the intracoastal waterway stopping at picturesque towns along the way.

The observation tower is the end of the boardwalk (actually made of concrete) and climbing up gives a great view of the area.

 I was lucky to see a dolphin.

Looking north from the parking lot the beach was under water.

I loved seeing this lone man fishing on the dock. Great way to spend an afternoon.

Driving out we saw these ibises...

And a tri-colored heron. I thought he was eating a small snake, but now I think it is a shrimp.

Last stop was the docks by a seafood restaurant on the water. This dock was where much of the movie Forrest Gump was filmed and the scenes for the Bubba Gump Shrimp Company.

Monday, September 21, 2020

Bird is the Word

Happy Birthday to the World! It is Rosh HaShanah and I attended services online from Mickve Israel. Dinnertime we did a ZOOM with five couples who form our Shabbat Group. It was fun to see everyone and enjoy Jeff's delicious Challah. 

On Sunday I went to second day services and then took a three mile walk. I saw this weird looking stuff on the bottom of a tree. I think it is a shedded snake skin. I'd rather see that then a live snake. Then I chased this Great Egret down the street as he strolled though yards.

 Sunday night I watched the Emmy's where they did a great job with an empty theatre and all the nominees and attendees at home. Now we have to watch Shitt's Creek since it swept the awards for comedy.

Some birds I have seen recently at our feeders.

House Finch

Downy Woodpecker

Carolina Wren

Tufted Titmouse

Saturday, September 19, 2020

See you in September

 More time has passed and we are still hunkered down, but keeping very busy.I continue with my Hebrew classes and Hadassah activities. Jeff prepared and delivered a new class for the Computer Club and also did a new OLLI class called, "I Hate Passwords." On Wednesdays I have my Mickve Israel study group and once a month the Hadassah board meets on a Wednesday morning. I also attend several meetings and workshops with Hadassah region, on voting and a course for new presidents. Lots of information.

I continue to chair the Hadassah project where we deliver snack baskets to the local hospitals. The volunteer coordinator takes these from our car and puts them in break rooms throughout the hospital. It is a very rewarding project and so many of our members contribute items.

We got back to the beach on August 27 and it is now pretty empty. Most of the tourists have left and the water is wonderful. That night I started an undergraduate class at USCB (University of South Carolina Beaufort) Intro to African American Studies. I had forgotten how much reading and watching videos are required for a regular course. It is exciting and I am learning so much history that was never covered in my academic career. Luckily there are no tests or grades. This class meets weekly until Thanksgiving.

Sirius and I returned to Fish Haul to walk and he still avoids the water. It is great when there are only three other people on an entire beach. Easy to social distance. The next day Jeff and I went to Folly Field to walk and swim.

Lots of rain these days, but luckily no hurricanes - yet! Wet ground makes many mushrooms.

The bird club is back in business and having their monthly meetings on ZOOM. I have agreed to be the vice president for 2021 and will be in charge of programs.

Jeff and I watch TV most nights and have discovered lots of shows on the networks, Hulu, Netflix and Prime. Also watched several Israeli series and it helps me with my Hebrew. I have been reading more and attended a book club meeting.

Our friends Lynn and Neal came over for dinner on the porch. This is so easy since we each bring our own food and bring our own drinks. We are so careful and give thanks each day for our health. Later that night I attended Selichot services online. It is fun to begin the holiday season and have something to look forward to.

Sirius and I continue to walk morning and evening. One day this luna moth hitched a ride on our golf cart.

 This week I went to the dentist to get my teeth cleaned. At night I zoomed the Kamala Harris/Hilary Clinton fund raiser. I enjoyed listening to these two brilliant women talk candidly. The next night I went to a lecture on Jewish chicken farmers in NJ. So interesting as I remember going to buy eggs with my father and watching the farmer candle the eggs.They hold the egg up to a light to make sure there is no blood or embryo inside.

Wednesday night I zoomed a fund raiser for our Senate candidate and hope he can beat the incumbent.

Last night was Erev Rosh HaShanah and tonight we are having our holiday dinner with our Shabbat group. Jeff baked a beautiful Challah with raisins. I made gefilte fish - without the fish. Hope this tastes good. I actually ordered seaweed sheets online and ground them to give it a fishy flavor.