Friday, January 18, 2013

It's Judy's Turn to Cry

Boo Hoo, going home today. The weather here got colder yesterday and windy. We lucked out with warm days while we were here. Just had our last buffet breakfast and waiting for the luggage to be picked up in a few minutes. Definitely ate and drank too much and will need a few weeks to cleanse our bodies and lose a few pounds, or more.

Yesterday was by relaxing and I had a mani/pedi. In the afternoon Jeff and I had holistic massages. Dinner time we had a concierge dinner scheduled for the beach. Since it was windy they moved it to a covered pool area and it was still cold and breezy. We wore jackets and I tied a scarf around my head. Dinner was delicious and the electric mariachi band entertained. They are a group of a Dad and his two daughters and all very talented. There are two acoustic guitars and an electric bass and they all plug in and sing in great harmony. Very talented musicians with good arrangements.

Happy to be going home and we really miss Sirius and hope he remembers us and doesn't feel abandoned.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Alley Oop

Today we ventured out on another tour and it was excellent! We chose to take a three site snorkeling trip and the weather was perfect. We started out spending an hour in the van picking up 12 fellow travelers and then drove almost an hour south. Our guide was named Jesus and he was a gem. Funny, smart and very aware of our safety.

First stop was a cenote with crystal clear water. This is a fresh water pond in the middle of the jungle and truly a beautiful place with lush foliage. We both passed on jumping off the 20 foot cliff, but did do the zip line that you dropped off into the water. Hard for me because of my lack of arm strength, and I held on for dear life. The water was warm and a few little fish to see with our snorkels.

We drove up the road to a large cave system and swam inside in the frigid water. It certainly was refreshing and lots of good formations. It was also crystal clear and you could see down more than 40 feet. Then we had lunch in their little restaurant and the grilled chicken and guacamole hit the spot for hungry swimmers.

Last stop was in the town of Akumal where we snorkeled in an estuary to the edge of the Caribbean. Lots of colorful fish and also a green sea turtle and a large stingray. We swam about a mile round trip and were exhausted and slept most of the way home. Luckily we were the first to be dropped off and had time to take a nap before dinner.

Went back to the Italian restaurant and there was a violin playing light classical music that we enjoyed. Food and service were very good and then we decided to try the entertainment. It was a magician and he was good. Nice patter and action and several good tricks that we enjoyed. Finally up to bed and time to play on our iPads before falling asleep.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Dream a Little Dream

Another gorgeous, windy day. I got up and headed to the beach leaving Jeff sleeping soundly. Enjoyed relaxing with the sound of the waves and working on a crossword puzzle. Jeff came down to meet me and we had lunch and then headed over to visit a sister hotel. The Moon Palace is the largest property on this group and maybe in the entire area. It is just south of the airport and has three lobbies and four golf courses. We spent most of the day exploring and sitting on the beach. Later we ate in an Italian buffet and took the bus back to our hotel.

Spent the night hanging out and will get up early as we are going snorkeling tomorrow.

By the Sea

We took a tour today and will rate it with one of the worst ever, but with a good ending. I have always wanted to go to Isla Mujeres, the isle of women, north of the Cancun area. So we finally got to go and found it to be a day that could have been spent better. Our mini bus picked us up in the morning and we made one stop and then drove to the top of the Cancun strip. We got to a beach club where they tried to sell us drinks and did sell us a tour. Turns out our tour was only the boat over to Isla and then there were several choices once you arrived. We chose to take a boat tour around the island and promised to see many wonderful sights. The other choices were swimming with dolphins which we have done several times and snorkeling.

We stayed on the large catamaran and bounced around in the windy seas seeing some nice homes and hotels along the coast. They served drinks like tequila shots and sugary sodas.The one interesting sight was a destroyed temple to Xel and the namesake of the island. We looked at it from the boat and then encountered very rough seas as we approached the south end of the island and open seas. The captain decided, wisely, to turn around and we headed for the swimming portion. We were taken near a beach and anchored about 50 feet offshore. There you could jump into the water. It was not warm and I decided I would never be able to get back on board, so decided not to get wet. After a half hour of boredom we headed back to the beach club and our free lunch which was mediocre. We hung around on hammocks and swings and watched the dolphins and pelicans for a while. Finally it was time to leave and an hour of shopping in the business part of town. This place is really poor and kind of sad. A few jewelry stores and restaurants and lots of markets with cheap clothes and islands souvenirs. The big attraction was to rent a golf cart and explore, but alas we did not have time to do that. So we hung around until it was time to leave. Jeff made a doggie friend who was starved for attention and really liked Jeff.

The boat ride back was really fun as the crew went all out to entertain us with a party. We drank tequila and danced and laughed all the way and got off deciding it wasn't so bad after all. I did get to see Isla Mujeres and will probably never go back.

We ate dinner at the Mexican Restaurant and went to sleep early. Another day in Paradise.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Ol' Mexico

Enjoying the sun and surf in Cancun. We arrived on Friday and settled in to our hotel, the Sun Palace. Our room is on the 6th floor with a commanding view of the "strip" and the ocean. It is sunny, but windy and the surf is wild. We rested on Friday and had dinner outside at a steak place. Our hotel is all inclusive with several restaurants to choose from for each meal.

On Sunday we took a cab to a sister hotel farther up the strip and had lunch there. We also upgraded our status by selling them our timeshare unit in Orlando and we are very excited about that. Good riddance! Had dinner at our lovely Italian restaurant with four courses including excellent eggplant and salmon for me.

Today we got up early and lounged before heading to breakfast and the beach. I have had several (4 or 5) banana monkey drinks and feeling no pain. At noon we had a couples back massage to ease away any residual tensions and rested on our lounge beds at the beach. Jeff is off getting his mani/pedi and I am having lunch al fresco and enjoying the sound of the waves. Not bad and someone has to do this, so why not us?

I'm sure I will have to go back and fix this later, but we are having a great time even if I am a little fuzzy. Love to all from Cancun....