Sunday, December 13, 2020

Happy Birthday

Today is Brian's birthday and also Pearl Harbor Day. It turned out to be a happy, eventful week as Brian and Rori told us that we will become grandparents of a baby boy this spring.

I started off with a Bird Club board meeting. and later Hebrew class. In the evening I went to a fun ZOOM from Hadassah on making latkes. Tuesday was more meetings as was Wednesday with the Hadassah board meeting and Bird Club membership meeting. Jeff went to see his orthopedist and had his sling removed. He will start physical therapy on Saturday and then go three times a week.

We had a special visitor at our feeder - a Pileated Woodpecker. We have had two or three in the yard but this is the first one who had a snack.

Finally it is Thursday and the first candle for Hanukkah. I have been busy addressing and mailing cards for Hanukkah and Christmas. In the morning Sirius and I saw a red fox on our street.

Sun City sponsored a celebration with a large aluminum menorah set in Town Square near the Christmas tree. Jeff and I went, but avoided going inside the Pavilion where they were serving latkes and hot cider. The program was pleasant, but it got a little crowded and we should have stayed home. When we got home I made a huge pile of latkes and we ate them all! 

Friday was a beautiful day and Jeff, Sirius and I went to Jasper Park and walked on a trail. At night we lit candles online with Mickve Israel. The Chabad Rabbi dropped off a beautiful Hanukkah Box. It was full of goodies like home made jelly donuts, a chocolate dipped cookie, chocolate coin gelt, a dreidel and an informative booklet. Sadly, I ate all that was edible. Our friends Susie & Art brought over delicious Hanukkah cookies and they are all gone too. OY!

Saturday we did a driveway visit with Lynn and Neal. Today is another gorgeous, warm day and we took a nice walk. Tonight we'll do another online candle lighting with Chabad on Hilton Head Island. Two more visitors.

Great Blue Heron across the lagoon

The Catbird returned

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